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Party Wall Surveyors in Shoreditch

Go for the reassurance of an Shoreditch based local party wall surveyor for on hand advice.

  • We provide fixed fees with no hidden costs;

  • Unlimited advice & support during the party wall award making process 

  • No high hourly rate if any issues arises ;

  • Full party wall award service, fixed with no hidden charges from £599 all inclusive

  • Express service available

We cover the breadth of Shoreditch

EC1, N1, N19, N5, N7 and N16.


EC1V based, we are generally never more than a 20 min cycle from your project.

Party Wall Surveyors Shoreditch, London

We provide Party Wall Surveying services for both residential and commercial projects and properties throughout Shoreditch. 

Common types of works that affected by the Party Wall Act. 


  • Extensions

  • Loft conversions

  • Chimney removal

  • Basements

  • Works to boundary walls

  • Any excavations within 3m of your neighbours property

  • Any construction along boundary line

Find out more about the Party Wall Act and process here.

Shoreditch, located in the heart of London's East End, has undergone significant urban development and transformation in recent years. With the rise of new construction projects, the need for party wall surveyors has become increasingly crucial. we will explore the role of an Express Party Wall Surveyor in Shoreditch,, highlighting their responsibilities, importance, and the processes involved.


What is a Party Wall Surveyor?

A party wall surveyor is a professional who specializes in resolving disputes and ensuring compliance with the Party Wall Act 1996. This legislation aims to prevent and resolve disputes between property owners when building work affects shared walls, boundaries, or adjacent properties. An "Express" party wall surveyor typically provides expedited services, which can be particularly important in Shoreditch, given the fast-paced nature of the local construction industry.


The Importance of an Express Party Wall Surveyor


1. Legal Compliance

One of the primary responsibilities of an Express Party Wall Surveyor is to ensure that all parties involved in a construction project in Shoreditch adhere to the legal requirements set out in the Party Wall Act. This includes notifying affected neighbors, obtaining the necessary permissions, and resolving disputes swiftly to avoid legal complications.


2. Conflict Resolution

Shoreditch, known for its dense urban environment, often sees construction projects in close proximity to existing properties. This can lead to disputes regarding issues such as noise, vibrations, and potential damage to neighboring structures. An Express Party Wall Surveyor plays a crucial role in mediating these conflicts, helping parties find mutually agreeable solutions and avoiding costly legal battles.


3. Protecting Property Owners' Interests

Property owners in Shoreditch rely on Express Party Wall Surveyors to safeguard their interests during construction. These surveyors assess the potential impact of building work on neighboring properties, ensuring that any damage is properly documented and compensated for, if necessary.


4. Facilitating Smooth Construction

Construction projects in Shoreditch often face tight schedules. An Express Party Wall Surveyor expedites the party wall agreement process, helping construction progress without unnecessary delays. Their involvement ensures that all parties are on the same page, reducing the risk of disputes that could halt construction.


The Express Party Wall Surveyor's Responsibilities

1. Initial Assessment

When a property owner or developer plans construction work that falls under the Party Wall Act, the first step is to engage an Express Party Wall Surveyor. The surveyor conducts an initial assessment to determine which aspects of the project may affect neighboring properties and identifies the parties involved.


2. Serving Notices

Under the Party Wall Act, property owners must serve formal notices to their neighbors, informing them of the intended work. An Express Party Wall Surveyor helps draft and serve these notices correctly, ensuring that they comply with legal requirements and provide sufficient information about the project.


3. Assessing Potential Impacts

The surveyor evaluates the proposed construction work and its potential impact on neighboring properties. This includes assessing structural risks, noise levels, vibrations, and any other factors that may affect adjacent structures.


4. Party Wall Agreement

If neighbors consent to the proposed work, an Express Party Wall Surveyor helps draft a party wall agreement that outlines the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. This agreement includes details such as the scope of work, access arrangements, and a schedule of condition to document the property's pre-construction state.


5. Dispute Resolution

In cases where neighbors dissent or raise concerns, the Express Party Wall Surveyor acts as a mediator. They facilitate discussions between the parties and aim to find mutually acceptable resolutions. If an agreement cannot be reached, the surveyor can provide impartial expert opinions to resolve the dispute.


6. Monitoring During Construction

Throughout the construction process, the surveyor monitors the work to ensure compliance with the party wall agreement. They document any issues that arise, such as damage to neighboring properties, and work to resolve these promptly.


7. Post-construction Assessment

Once construction is complete, the Express Party Wall Surveyor conducts a final assessment to determine whether any damage occurred to neighboring properties during the construction process. They ensure that necessary repairs or compensation are carried out.


Finding an Express Party Wall Surveyor in Shoreditch

Shoreditch's thriving real estate market has led to a demand for skilled party wall surveyors. When looking for an Express Party Wall Surveyor in the area, property owners and developers should consider the following factors:


1. Experience and Qualifications

Ensure that the surveyor is experienced and holds relevant qualifications. They should be well-versed in the Party Wall Act and have a track record of successfully managing party wall matters in Shoreditch.


2. Local Knowledge

A surveyor familiar with Shoreditch's unique urban environment and construction dynamics is better equipped to handle local challenges efficiently.


3. Communication Skills

Effective communication is crucial in party wall matters. Look for a surveyor who can facilitate discussions and negotiations between parties effectively.


4. Speed and Efficiency

Express Party Wall Surveyors are known for their ability to expedite processes. In Shoreditch, where time is often of the essence, choose a surveyor who can work swiftly without compromising quality.


5. References and Reviews

Check references and read reviews from previous clients to gauge the surveyor's reputation and the satisfaction of their clients.


In Shoreditch, where urban development is rapidly reshaping the landscape, the role of an Express Party Wall Surveyor is indispensable. These professionals ensure legal compliance, mediate conflicts, and protect the interests of property owners and developers. By expediting the party wall agreement process, they contribute to the smooth progression of construction projects, helping Shoreditch continue to evolve while maintaining harmonious relationships among its residents. If you're planning construction work in Shoreditch, choosing the right Express Party Wall Surveyor is a crucial step in the process.

Party Wall Surveyor Nationwide





East London




Stoke Newington



South Woodford

The following fees are indicative for a small project [rear extension], as Building Owner Surveyor. All fees are subject to a formal fee quote. 


Preparation of Notices


The first step is to notify neighbours of the works and their rights under the Party Wall Act. This is a legal obligation and fulfilled by serving notices that allow the neighbour the option of either agreeing for the works to proceed without a full Party Wall Award, or to have an Award drawn up.  

In event it is agreed that no Party Wall Award is required, it can still be beneficial to produce a Schedule of Condition.


The Party Wall Award


Having served the notices, where the neighbour, or both parties prefer to have a Party Wall Award drawn up, the Party Wall Act terms this a 'dispute'.

In practice it doesn't necessarily mean a disagreement, just that both parties want to protect their property and rights by recording the nature of the works to avoid future disagreement, litigation and costs. This is done by creating a Party Wall Award.  


Acting as 'Agreed Surveyor'

Included within award price.

The Party Wall Act allows the neighbour to the works to have their own surveyor appointed and paid for by the building owner. 

This is where costs can rise significantly. On simple projects, if we can get agreement of the neighbour, we will act for both parties as Agreed Surveyor, saving substantial costs.


Schedule of Condition


Even where no formal Award is created, it is highly advisable to record the condition of the affected area of the neighbour's property at the outset, thereby protecting both parties interests. 

This can also be requested by the adjoining neighbour.

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  • Review of plans to identify required notices.

  • Legal searches to identify legal 'neighbours' [freeholders, leaseholders, tenants]

  • Contact with neighbours, completion and serving of the required notices. 

  • Act as Building Owner Surveyor

  • Drafting and serving of the Party Wall Award.

  • Providing 'Ten Day Notices' in event neighbour does not respond. 

  • Making required appointments on behalf of the building owner. 

  • Conduct site visit and inspection of neighbouring property affected areas. 

  • Visual and photographic inspection in production of schedule. 

  • Follow up inspection at completion of the works

* Fee excludes VAT. All prices are subject to formal quotation. 

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