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This service is normally free to neighbours, as outlined by the Party Wall Act 1996. 

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Party Wall Surveyor in East London

Are you planning building works that might impact your party wall shared with your neighbour? Express Party Wall offer professional advice in all matters party wall related, from serving Party Wall Notices, conducting Party Wall Surveys to creating bespoke Party Wall Awards. All our work is underpinned with full Professional Indemnity Insurance and executed by an architect or similarly qualified professional, providing the most efficient and diligent Party wall surveyor services in East London.


What is a Party Wall?

In simple terms, a Party Wall divides the buildings of two owners with the boundary often running down the middle. It gets a bit more complicated in that a floor or ceiling can also be a party wall (technically a party structure). So it is important to identify at the outset before starting construction what is a party wall or structure and what you need to do.


Party Walls were often created when an individual used another owners’ wall to separate their buildings by building against the wall, thereby creating a party wall. In addition to party walls, you can also have party structures. These include a floor or any other structure that separates buildings or parts of different buildings.


Whenever you intend to get some work done that impacts your party wall, whatever your situation is, you need to inform your neighbours about it. Similarly, if your neighbours are getting any construction work started, they have to inform you, and if they do not, they can fall foul of the Party Wall Act 1996 and expose themselves to liabilities. So whatever your situation is, Express Party Wall are here to facilitate you.


The first step before doing work on a party wall is to find a party wall surveyor. Where Express Party Wall come in!


The Party Wall Act(1996) stipulates a process to be followed when getting work done on a mutual property Party Wall or Part Wall Structure. If it is not complied with, it can result in delay, disputes and increased costs.

You will need a party wall award to get work done on your party wall. The works that come under the jurisdiction of the Party Wall Act can include:  


  • Chimney removal

  • Basement

  • Kitchen Extension

  • Loft conversions

  • Works to boundary walls

  • Excavation within 3 meters of the neighbors land

  • Construction along the boundary line


Informing your neighbours through serving a Party Wall Notice is compulsory. Express Party Wall can assist through competitively priced, professionally prepared party wall notices. Working with one of the most expedient party wall surveyors in Islington, will assist in mitigating neighbourly disputes and protect both you and your neighbours property, allowing your project to get to site quicker.


Being at the forefront of party wall surveyors in East London, by opening up dialogue with neighbours we can help you get your party award often within the 4-8 weeks time period required prior for construction. For more complex  projects, you should allow for up to a year [for example a complex basement project in a highly built up area].


The cost of the party award can vary, Express Party Wall offer one of the best value and cheapest party wall Surveyor in Hackney. For relatively simple projects, the total cost of serving the neighbors with a notice will be around £145. Other than that, awards start at fixed price £410 and can increase depending on the complexity of the project.


If you are a neighbor who was kept uninformed and the construction work was started, The Party Wall Act empowers you to appoint a surveyor at the developers expense and if needed go to the county court to prevent further works until an award has been agreed. The court orders will stop the work, it will be resumed only after a Party Wall Surveyor gets appointed and a Party Wall Award is produced. The injunction can prove very costly for the owner getting the construction done. In addition, they may have to cater to additional property damage claims.


Getting a Party Wall at the project outset saves time, expense and potential liability. Express Party Wall deliver best value and professional Party Wall Surveyor services in Wimbledon.

We are also serving in East London, Islington, Hackney, Croydon, Wimbledon, Enfield and South East

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