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Home owner Party Wall Awards at £699

Take advantage of our home owner fixed price party wall awards £699.

[inc. applicable VAT].  

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Find out more about the Party Wall Act, process, how it could impact your project and how we can help. 

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What is a Party Wall Award?

A Party Wall Award, also known as a Party Wall Agreement, is a legally binding document that sets out the rights and obligations of neighboring property owners who are carrying out building work that affects a shared wall or boundary. The Party Wall Award is typically used in situations where the building work being undertaken by one property owner could potentially impact the structural integrity or stability of a shared wall or boundary with the adjoining property.

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Do I need a Party Wall Surveyor?

Whether or not you need a party wall agreement surveyor depends on the type of building work you are planning to undertake and whether it falls under the scope of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. The Party Wall Act applies to certain types of building work that involve: Building on or at the boundary of two properties Excavating near a neighbouring building Carrying out work to an existing party wall or party structure (e.g. a wall that stands on the boundary between two properties) Carrying out work to a boundary or garden wall that is shared with a neighbouring property Building a new wall on the boundary with a neighbouring property While you are not legally required to appoint a Party Wall Agreement Surveyor in order to serve Party Wall Notices on your neighbour, a Party Wall Agreement Surveyor can assist you in preparing the necessary notices and ensure they are legally valid. If a dispute is deemed to have arisen, then it is a legal requirement to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor.

Will I need a party wall agreement for loft conversion?

It depends on the specifics of your proposal, but generally yes. Most loft conversions require addition steel floor joists and ridge beams which normally involve cutting into the party wall to support the beams. Also, depending on the design, the dormer might sit on or between the party wall and also require flashing details to be cut into ht party wall in order to weather proof. All of these require notice to be served on your neighbours.

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What types of project require a Party Wall Award? 

The works that come under the jurisdiction of the Party Wall Act can include:   Chimney removal
 Kitchen Extension
 Loft conversions
 Works to boundary walls
 Excavation within 3 meters of the neighbors land
 Construction along the boundary line
 Being a city of terraced housing, most domestic extension projects will require party wall surveyors London. Party wall surveys London and the Home Counties start at £699.

Where can I get free Party Wall advice for my project?

Give us a call or email for party wall surveyor free advice for your project. You can also check out our 'Ask an Expert' section for our informative blog and answers to common party wall award queries.

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What is a Party Wall? 

In simple terms, a Party Wall divides the buildings of two owners with the boundary often running down the middle. It gets a bit more complicated in that a floor or ceiling can also be a party wall (technically a party structure). So it is important to identify at the outset before starting construction what is a party wall or structure and what you need to do. Party Walls were often created when an individual used another owners’ wall to separate their buildings by building against the wall, thereby creating a party wall. In addition to party walls, you can also have party structures. These include a floor or any other structure that separates buildings or parts of different buildings.


How can I save money on a party wall award?

Understandabley this is a question we get a lot. Project budgets are tight and you want to get best value so you can priortise your budget on the fun stuff. There are ways you can cut costs. Fees between London Party Wall Surveyors vary considerably, but the key thing is to avoid false economies.  

When choosing party wall surveyors London, if the fee difference is a couple of £hundred, remember project delays can be expensive. If a small difference in party wall surveyor fees translates into a quicker party wall award you can save money on the slightly higher party wall surveyor fees. While it is tempting to put together and serve notices yourself, these are quite low cost compared to overall costs (we charge £29 inclusive for all neighbours). It's important the notices are fully legally valid, so saving here can be a false economy. Speak to your neighbours before you serve on them party wall notices to explain the works and understand their potential concerns. For simple projects, discuss with your neighbour the option of an Agreed Surveyor, one surveyor to represent both parties in drawing up an award. Serve notice with drawing and specifications that give your neighbour enough detail to make an informed decision. If a neighbour feels there isn’t enough detail they can become concerned and then opt for they own surveyor and make additional requests which will cause delays and expense. As well as making sure you provide enough information, don’t provide to much! Sending excessive or irrelevant technical details can be confusing and alarming, making a party wall project seem more complex than it actually is. This is where a party wall agreement surveyor, like us, can be invaluable. We will review your drawings to select only the key information to serve with the party wall notices. The cost of the party award can vary, Express Party Wall offer one of the best value and cheapest party wall Surveyor in Hackney. Awards start at fixed price £699 and can increase depending on the complexity of the project.

What are the benefits to having a Party Wall Award in place?

Getting a party wall award has several benefits, including the assurance that the proposed work is legally compliant and safe, the prevention of disputes between neighbors, and protection for all parties involved. In London, it is recommended to hire a Party Wall Surveyor London to ensure that the party wall process is carried out correctly.

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How much does a Party Wall Surveyor in London cost for a domestic home owner project?

For a Party Wall Surveyor London and Home Counties, fees can vary depending on surveyor experience and project complexity. For home owner projects, we mostly work on a fixed fee basis to provide cost certainty, with fees starting at £699, the fee for most domestic projects.

How long does it take to get a party wall award?

The time it takes to get a party wall award can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the project and the cooperation of the parties involved. In general, the process of obtaining a party wall award can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. The party wall process typically involves the following stages: Notice served: The building owner must serve a notice to the adjoining owner(s) at least two months before starting any work that may affect the party wall.
 Response time: The adjoining owner(s) has 14 days to respond to the notice. If they don't respond within this timeframe, they are deemed to have dissented.
 Appointment of surveyors: If the adjoining owner(s) dissents, each party must appoint a party wall surveyor or agree on a single agreed surveyor to prepare a party wall award.
 Party wall award: The party wall surveyor(s) will inspect the properties, agree on the scope of the necessary protections, and then draw up, agree and issue the party wall award.
 The time it takes to complete each of these stages can vary, depending on the complexity of the project and the willingness of the parties involved to cooperate. For simple projects, where all parties are in agreement, the process can be completed relatively quickly, often within a few weeks - our quickest was 4 days! However, for more complex projects, or where there is disagreement between the parties, the process can take several months. Your Party Wall Surveyor should be able to advise.

Party Wall Surveyor in East London

Are you planning building works that might impact your party wall shared with your neighbour? Express Party Wall offer professional advice in all matters party wall related, from serving Party Wall Notices, conducting Party Wall Surveys to creating bespoke Party Wall Awards. All our work is underpinned with full Professional Indemnity Insurance and executed by an architect or similarly qualified professional, providing the most efficient and diligent Party wall surveyor services in East London.

Whenever you intend to get some work done that impacts your party wall, whatever your situation is, you need to inform your neighbours about it. Similarly, if your neighbours are getting any construction work started, they have to inform you, and if they do not, they can fall foul of the Party Wall Act 1996 and expose themselves to liabilities. So whatever your situation is, Express Party Wall are here to facilitate you.


The first step before doing work on a party wall is to find a party wall surveyor. Where Express Party Wall come in!


The Party Wall Act(1996) stipulates a process to be followed when getting work done on a mutual property Party Wall or Part Wall Structure. If it is not complied with, it can result in delay, disputes and increased costs.

You will need a party wall award to get work done on your party wall. The works that come under the jurisdiction of the Party Wall Act can include:  


  • Chimney removal

  • Basement

  • Kitchen Extension

  • Loft conversions

  • Works to boundary walls

  • Excavation within 3 meters of the neighbors land

  • Construction along the boundary line

  • Neighbour Building Extensions


Informing your neighbours through serving a Party Wall Notice is compulsory. Express Party Wall can assist through competitively priced, professionally prepared party wall notices. Working with one of the most expedient party wall surveyors in Islington, will assist in mitigating neighbourly disputes and protect both you and your neighbours property, allowing your project to get to site quicker.


Being at the forefront of party wall surveyors in East London, by opening up dialogue with neighbours we can help you get your party award often within the 4-8 weeks time period required prior for construction. For more complex  projects, you should allow for up to a year [for example a complex basement project in a highly built up area].

If you are a neighbor who was kept uninformed and the construction work was started, The Party Wall Act empowers you to appoint a surveyor at the developers expense and if needed go to the county court to prevent further works until an award has been agreed. The court orders will stop the work, it will be resumed only after a Party Wall Surveyor gets appointed and a Party Wall Award is produced. The injunction can prove very costly for the owner getting the construction done. In addition, they may have to cater to additional property damage claims.


Getting a Party Wall at the project outset saves time, expense and potential liability. Express Party Wall deliver best value and professional Party Wall Surveyor services in Wimbledon.

We are also serving in East London, Islington, Hackney, Croydon, Wimbledon, Stoke NewingtonEnfield, Spitalfields, Blackheath Leyton and South East London.

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So, if you are thinking, are these Party Wall Surveyors Near Me, then the answer is probably yes.

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