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Party Wall Surveyors in Hackney

Professional party wall advice

Are you planning any construction that may affect your shared party wall with your neighbour? Express Party Wall provides professional assistance on all aspects of party walling, from issuing Party Wall Notices to performing party Wall Surveys to making unique Party Wall Awards. All of our work is backed by full Expert Indemnity Insurance and is carried out by an architect or similarly certified professional, ensuring the most efficient and meticulous Party wall surveyor services in Hackney.


What is a Party Wall?


A Party Wall divides the buildings of two owners, with the boundary often running down the middle. It becomes more complicated when you consider that a floor or ceiling can also be a party wall (technically a party structure). So, before you begin construction, it is essential to understand what a party wall or structure is and what you must do.


Party walls were frequently constructed when one person built up to the wall of another owner in order to divide their buildings. Party structures are an alternative to party barriers. A floor or any other structure that divides buildings or areas of distinct structures falls under this category.


Regardless of your scenario, you must notify your neighbours whenever you plan to do work that will affect your party wall. Similar to this, if your neighbours begin any building work, they must notify you first; otherwise, they may violate the Party Wall Act of 1996 and be held liable. Express Party Wall is therefore ready to help you, no matter what the circumstance.


When having work done on a shared party wall or party wall structure, a certain procedure must be followed, according to the Party Wall Act of 1996. It can cause delays, conflicts, and higher expenses if it is not followed.


To complete tasks on your party wall, you will require a party wall award. The following types of projects may fall under the Party Wall Act's purview:


  • Chimney removal

  • Basement

  • Kitchen Extension

  • Loft conversions

  • Works on boundary walls

  • Excavation within 3 meters of the neighbouring land

  • Construction along the boundary line


Express Party Wall can help by offering professionally written, reasonably priced party wall messages. Working with one of the fastest-moving party wall surveyors in Hackney can help to reduce neighbourly disputes and secure your property as well as the properties of your neighbours, which will speed up the construction of your project.


We are the leading party wall surveyors, therefore by starting a conversation with your neighbours, we can frequently assist you to achieve your party award within the 4–8 weeks needed before construction. You should allow up to a year for more complicated undertakings.


The price of the party award might vary, but Express Party Wall offers one of the most affordable and best-value party walls.


The overall price of providing the neighbours with a notice will be about £145 for comparatively straightforward projects. Aside from that, awards begin at a set fee of £410 and can rise in price based on how complicated the project is.


Obtaining a Party Wall at the beginning of the project reduces time, cost, and liability risks. Party Wall Surveyor services are provided by Express Party Wall in Hackney at the cheapest possible prices.

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